Our teams had another fruitful day of ministry all over the island. These were some stories shared during our group service last night:

– Construction is continuing at the rehab center for men in Santo Domingo
– House visits in Quisqueya with Mirqueya. Local families invited to Emanuel house for presentation of the Gospel and feeding
– Mirqueya has the tough job of picking the neediest students to attend Emanuel House. This often means that from one family Mirqueya can only pick one or two children, often leaving siblings in the family who are unable to attend. Kids come to the door constantly asking to be a part of Emanuel House. In order to do something special for the siblings of Emanuel House students, our teams threw a party for them, plus they presented the gospel and shared Bible stories. The kids had a great time!
– Soccer and Lacrosse teams visited local villages to do sports training in the morning and evening, helping to plant seeds to open venues for the Gospel.
– Junior High group visited the nursing home where they were able to minister to the elderly
– Student with Tommy Lippard’s team was able to lead someone to the Lord in the first time he shared his faith.
– Prince William team led a man to the Lord and in giving him a Bible they were able to deliver Bibles to his neighbors who were eager to receive them
– Students excited about scripture memory with Loudoun team
– Women’s team did leadership training for local women leaders
– Rising ninth graders traveled to Alec’s village (Alec shared his testimony the night before with our group at the hotel) where they were to share the Gospel with his neighbors through songs and preaching
– The Medical team – Surgeons performed 5 surgeries ending close to 10:00 pm in the evening.

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After a wonderful day of ministry on Sunday, our teams were energized to start the week. Each team has between 18-25 people. Accompanied by 3-4 Spanish speaking interpreters, teams 1-10 and our special teams (women’s team, special needs team, construction team etc) are each sent out different buses to different ministry sites in and around Santo Domingo, Quisqueya, and San Pedro. Below are a few highlights from ministry that happened on Monday:

– Team 1/2 – Led a woman named Mary to the Lord
– Special Needs – Vacation Bible School for special needs children at Emanuel House
– Medical Team – Held clinic at Emanuel House and treated more than 90+ people
– Team 3 – Visited a leper colony and were able to pray and minister to patients, brining encouragement and joy
– Team 4 – Shared the gospel with an elderly woman who accepted Christ.
– Team 05 – Went to Pasitos De Jesus (girl’s home) and showed love to the 20+ abandoned, abused and orphan girls who live there. Village ministry in the afternoon.
– Team 6 – Emanuel House program for families of students that attend there. Songs, games, sharing the gospel and more.
– Team 7– House visits in local town. Put on program for kids living there. A ROCK student was able to present the Gospel to villager who accepted Christ. Visited Compassion International ministry at a church in San Pedro in the afternoon.
– Team 8 – Gospel shared with 11-year-old child. Bathed children.
– Team 9 – Visited drug rehab place in Santo Domingo. Gospel presented to 16 year old mother who accepted Christ. Testimonies and the Gospel were shared with a small group of individuals in a program.
– Team 10 – House visits. Mother of special needs child led to the Lord. Nursing home in the afternoon.
– Ladies Team – Shared life experiences with women at Lily’s House.
– Construction Team – Two projects currently being worked on.

After returning each evening, our team gathers together for a great hour+ of worship, sharing, testimonies and more. This is a great time for us to encourage each other, draw close to the Lord, and celebrate the ways God is teaching us and allowing us to reach others!

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After a day of traveling our teams were excited to visit different ministries for their first full day on the ground. Below are a few highlights from the day:

– Team 01/02 – Gospel shared to families in neighborhood. Invitation to outreach event where children were engaged.
– Team 04 – Traveled to Lily House. Conversation with Alohondro, a man who came off the street. Was able to pray for ladies at the house and the ministry that was occurring there.
– Team 05/07 – Ministry in village where the early team had previously visited. Great time of follow up ministry. One student was able to share the gospel in a way that gave a woman a new and fresh perspective.
– Ladies Team – Ministry at Emanuel House. Worship service.
– Team 10 – Visited Santo Domingo. Had opportunity to lead a woman to the Lord whose daughter had been praying for for some time.

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SATURDAY, JULY 27, 2013 – Team Travel Day

The Rock Student Ministries Dominican Republic missions team arrived in different flight groups throughout the day. Maximizing the most ministry impact, teams were sent out to a few key locations.

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FRIDAY, JULY 26, 2013 – The Early Team adventures

The early team was composed of Rock staff, MBC Outreach team members, and volunteers. After arriving in the Domincan Republic on Thursday and then hit the ground running.

In the morning they visited Lily House where they were able to hear testimonies and visit with local women who had been saved from prostitution.

In the afternoon, the team traveled to De Cayacoa where a local pastor is hoping to plant a church. After dividing into smaller groups, they walked the village streets visiting with people and sharing the gospel. Several people made a spiritual decision for Christ. One elderly woman in particular, who had previously been involved in witchcraft, came to faith.


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The Rock DR 2013 Trip Details….

This years Rock DR trip will be from  Saturday, July 27-Friday, August 2. For more details and to apply online, please click here. 

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During team time, we had the team from Tecer Cielo come and lead a few songs of our worship time with their youth band and choir. Additionally, we had all of the staff from Emmanuel House come up on stage after their makeovers. We had a chance to recognize and thank them individually as they were introduced.

Here are some highlights as we recapped the last day of ministry for the trip:

  • The Prince William team visited a new village that Score is trying to establish a consistent ministry with. They collected important information about the town including the needs of the local church as well as put on a children’s program for the church. They walked through the town and invited the kids and 82 of them showed up to the outreach service. After the gospel presentation, they asked the kids who trusted Christ for the first time to raise their hands. Much to their surprise, over 60 of them indicated they gave their life to Christ! Please be in prayer for Leonardo who is the pastor of the church of 20 people where we held the service as he follows up with the new decisions.
  • Today, we saw a 17 year old boy who was hardened to the gospel give his life to Christ.
  • A student mentioned how he saw the Lord work as he brought about 10 people to Christ at an outreach near Emmanuel House.
  • I senior high girl met a woman today who’s son was beat up badly. She was encouraged when the woman told her that God has never abandoned their family even in the midst of tragic circumstances.
  • In a town today, a student talked to man in a wheelchair who had a paralyzed leg. All he needed was a special brace to be able to walk. The group is now trying to get him a brace. The point was made that they would’ve never known about this specific need without coming here personally.
  • We had an outreach event for around 100 Dominican soldiers where we gave them packaged food for their families and shared the gospel with them. This was a new opportunity that we’re praying would continue on a regular basis with Score.
  • A student reconnected with a girl she met five years ago on our first trip that she had prayed for. The girl is now living her life for Christ and is completely changed.

Dale gave us one verse to remember the week by. The verse was 1 Chronicles 16:11-12- “Look to the Lord and his strength, seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done.” He mentioned a question a volunteer asked him this week, “Do you want the kids on the trip to go home happy or sad?” After thinking about that, he recalled how Jesus was often called a man of sorrows. When he saw a need, he felt a need. The night before he was crucified during the last supper, he said he wanted his disciples to have complete joy. This seems to be contradictory but there needs to be both sorrow and joy as a result of what we’ve seen this week. Sorrow for the suffering seen, joy for the wonders he’s done.

Please pray for safe travels tomorrow as we head home. The DR Recap Services will be held on Sunday, August 5th at all of the campuses.

For tomorrow’s flight details, please click here: http://www.mbctysons.org/pages/page.asp?page_id=183817

-The RSM Staff

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During team time tonight, we had a ministry we’ve recently partnered with called “Pasitos de Jesus” (Feet of Jesus) share about how they got started. They take in the rejected kids who have been abused and neglected. Before today, Dalma (one of the founders) explained how they only had 7 beds for 24 orphaned girls. This week, several of our teams have helped with giving their facility a remodel by painting, building shelves, and installing new cabinets. Today, we surprised them with new beds, clothes, and food and the orphans were ecstatic with joy as they thanked the Lord!

Additionally, we heard from Andy Manfredi, a former Rock student and volunteer who moved to the DR as a missionary for SCORE five months ago. He explained how much of a blessing it has been to have his home church on the ground to help with serving Quisqueya.

Mirqueya Guzman, the founder and director of Emmanuel House, shared her testimony to the students. She explained how much she hated her life as a teenager. She fought with her parents constantly and wanted to leave her house many times. After a series of hard circumstances, she heard the gospel on a local radio station and gave her life to Christ at the age of seventeen. She said from that moment, the Lord changed her heart, her life, her rebelliousness, and her hatred toward her parents. She began a process of asking forgiveness for the wrong she had done and experienced tremendous joy. At 19, she was diagnosed with a rare blood disease. She was told she would most definitely die and the doctors stopped treating her. After an earnest prayer for the Lord to spare her life, she was completely healed from her disease and the Lord allowed her to live. Because of this, she felt burdened to give her life to the service of others in the name of Jesus Christ. She became a teacher, which eventually opened up the door to seeing the direct needs of the children in Quisqueya. There are now 105 students who are involved in Emmanuel House. There is a greater need in the community for more children to be cared for to the point they have to turn them away.

Here are some more highlights that were shared during team time:

  • A junior high girl explained how the kids in the villages this week showed her how to be grateful for what she has.
  • Another girl shared how blessed she was to see how reverent the kids were when she offered to pray for a group at Emmanuel House.
  • A senior high girl shared how moved she was by a little girl that was caring for her younger brother as if she was his mom. This is very common within the villages for the older siblings to care for their younger brothers and sisters because the parents are absent.
  • In a village, one of our students shared the gospel to a seventeen year-old that was caring for her special needs 8 year old sister. The older sister gave her life to Christ and the younger sister smiled and started clapping in joy.
  • At Sonya’s Orphanage, one of our drama team members talked with a girl after the drama. The little girl was so excited to take her around to show her where she lived and seemed to be so happy to have a visitor to show.
  • A few team members who weren’t feeling well stayed back from their group in the hotel for the day . Discouraged, they brainstormed ways the Lord could still use them even though they didn’t go out with their teams. They came up with the idea to share the gospel with the wait staff at the hotel. They approached a waiter and asked if they could share Jesus with him. He said he couldn’t talk right then but in ten minutes, he and several more of the wait staff would have a break. So for 10 minutes, they prayed and went over scripture they planned on sharing with them. 8 staff people showed up to the impromptu church service. Some of them were already Christians and appreciated the encouragement from God’s Word and their hearts to pray for specific needs for them. A few even mentioned that they lived in some of the villages we have been ministering to and they are so blessed to have our team in the country this week.
  • While on the way back to the hotel, one bus stopped to pick up a friend of the bus driver who works at our same compound. When he got on the bus, the group asked him if he was a Christian and he replied that he wasn’t. For the rest of the way back, the group explained in detail the gospel using an interpreter.  Even though he’s not ready to place his faith in Christ at this point, he wanted the group to pray that the Lord would open his eyes to receive him soon. Please pray for Pedro’s heart to be softened to the gospel.
  • While at a village doing a children’s program, the Prince William team had around 10 men show up and sit through the service. This is extremely rare because mostly only women and children are typically involved in church. At the end of the gospel presentation, nearly all of the men raised their hands indicating they wanted to give their life to Christ! To take advantage of this unique opportunity, they split up the men, women, and children to talk individually to each group and pray for specific needs
  • One team visited the inner city of Santo Domingo to do a children’s program. The children seemed extra rowdy and the group was praying for them to calm down for the gospel presentation. The lord showed up as 18 children indicated they gave their life to Christ for the first time!
  • One of the Loudoun teams arrived in a village and met a fellow believer who was a teacher at the town school. When he found out what the team was doing, he agreed to open up the entire schoolyard and a place for them to hold the outreach meeting. They went through the town and invited all the kids to the outreach program. Three girls gave their life to Christ during their service!
  • The women’s team hosted the moms of some of the kids from Emmanuel House at our hotel for them to go swimming and have lunch. We brought clothes from the MBC clothing ministry for them to wear. Most of the ladies had never been in a pool and even though it was raining, they had a great time playing in the pool.
  • The Bethesda team explained how they have been able to share the gospel with many unexpected crowds throughout the week. As they’ve shown up to places, kids gathered for them even though they didn’t know who had gathered them.
  • Please be praying for the little boy mentioned in yesterday’s update with the cleft palate. He took a turn for the worst and is now in the hospital tonight. The doctors aren’t optimistic that he will make it much longer. His name is Melvin.

Dale shared a devotional from Mark 9:36 where Jesus emphasizes the importance of having child-like faith. Jesus calls us to depend on Christ as a child depends on his parents. In Mark 10, Jesus sees the disciples keeping the children back from coming to him and reprimands them for doing so. It’s fascinating to see Jesus, in the short three years of his ministry, takes the children one by one and blesses them showing the importance of caring for and loving children.

-The RSM Staff



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Aby Prado, a church planter for SCORE shared about his ministry to the local villages. Today is his fourth year anniversary of working with Score. He was asked to plant one church in three years as a model for future churches to be planted when he first came on board. To date, there are 11 fully functioning churches with local pastors running them! They are in the process of starting seven other ones currently as well.

Please pray for the following men that Aby has been training who are in the frontlines of these church plants:

  • Nathan Jude
  • Manny Tuzen
  • Craig McLure
  • Antonio
  • Elouis
  • Joaquin
  • Maximo
  • Maximo (yes, there are two)
  • Pablo
  • Osiris
  • Ceasar

He encouraged us all to be faithful to God and He will use you in mighty ways.

Additionally, we had some of the staff share from Trecer Cielo, Damaso Marte’s ministry. Jonathan, the leader of the ministry grew up as a Compassion Child and is in a special program called the Leadership Development Program. He explained that his sponsor is a 73-year-old woman who lives in Michigan and still keeps in contact with him. Damaso shared how he started the ministry. He also shared a story of a girl in their ministry whose mother was very hard-hearted toward the gospel. One of our teams, while doing door-to-door evangelism in their neighborhood today shared the gospel with her he announced that she gave her life to Christ!

Here are some other highlights that were shared during our team time:

  • The Prince William, D, and Step teams held a children’s festival in Quisqueya where over 100 kids attended. The kids loved Strong Man Stan and the step team as part of the program. During the gospel invitation, several children raised their hands indicating they had made a decision to follow Christ.
  • The medical team learned so much about giving as they were faced with a chance to minister in a special way today. They organized a birthday party for a girl they treated because she didn’t have money to buy a cake to celebrate her birthday.
  • A team who was collecting child sponsorship information for kids involved in Trecer Cielo was heart-broken because of the conditions the kids were in. One girl they talked to invited them into her home as they walked through the neighborhood. They shared the gospel with her ash she showed them her house. The girl started to cry as she explained that she wants to give her life to the Lord but feels like too many things have held her back. A volunteer explained God’s love for her and she gave her life to Christ right there on her doorstep before they left.
  • A volunteer who has had a toothache since he arrived in the country explained how he was praying to find a dentist to talk to about it. As he got on the bus to go to his groups’ location, he met one of our translators assigned to the group who is actually a dentist and was able to help him. When they arrived at their ministry location, the dentist and others walked to a part of the town they hadn’t planned to go to. A frantic Dominican approached the group and asked if she was the dentist they had just requested from Score a short time before they arrived. The group had no idea about the need and was blessed knowing the Lord coordinated the meeting as he directed them to the part of the town they didn’t plan to go originally.
  • Our worship leader DJ and some of the Rock Student Ministry staff stayed back and had a service for the hotel staff while the teams were out. They had 53 staff come out to hear the gospel and sing worship songs. At the end of the service, there were 11 of them who gave their lives to the Lord! One staff person said his heart was beating fast and he felt like the message was directed toward him.  When later asked if he was a Christian, he said, “I am now!”
  • Dale shared about a 13 month old at the Emmanuel house that has a cleft palate and weighs only 10lbs. He can’t eat and what he does eat, he throws up. He needs a surgery to fix his cleft palate pretty much to live. Please be praying for Melvin and for the Lord to provide the finances for his surgery.
  • Several teams are visiting new locations this week to gather information on how Score can meet needs of their community. Today, the Prince William team went to a town where there is over 50% unemployment. The people who do work, work in the sugar cane fields and make the equivalent to $6 a day. When asked if these wages were fair for the town workers, they explained that they were getting paid very generously compared to other nearby towns. Please pray for the continued relationships

Dale closed out the night by encouraging us with a short devotional about Romans 12:2. He challenged us to not go with the norm of living selfishly by not conforming to this world.

-The RSM Staff

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Step Team

Step Team

Our step team was able to perform at our Sunday night outreach at Trecer Cielo as well. The Dominicans get a big kick out of Victor and his team and love it when they see them step!

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