July 23rd Recap

Medical Team

Over the course of the week the surgical team was able to perform 25 operations.

Women’s Team

The women split up and went to various places today. One of the team members got to visit Pasitos De Jesus. We have worked with this group of girls for many years and every year we visit it seems that they bless us more than we bless them. One girl had written a letter to our team member because she remembered when she had visited last year.

Team 1

Today Team 1 had the privilege of visiting the Leprosy Center. This is a facility that the Prince William team has had the opportunity to visit for 3 years in a row, the team has raised money throughout the year to support the center and the team has written letters throughout the year to encourage the patients. They were blessed to be able to continue building relationships with the patients.

In the afternoon the team went to Cristo Rey to visit a church that will be starting the Abundant Life program next year. We were encouraged to see the generosity of the church. We put on a VBS program, played with the kids, and then were able to see the facility where the students get their meals.

Team 2

The team visited Pasitos De Jesus in the morning. The girls at the orphanage sang for the team right before they left. One of the team members was moved to tears when she heard them sing because she realized that these girls have no parents and very little possession yet they have the joy of the Lord.

In the afternoon the team was at Lorena’s church and before they left they were able to lead a group of 5 people to the Lord.

Team 3

In the morning the group went to El Pajarito. They put on a VBS program and were able to meet with children and lead some of them to Christ.

In the afternoon the group went to Pasitos de Jesus. They were able to help paint part of the facility as well as see the new dormitory that was built over the past year. The team was encouraged to see the progress that has been made through Pasitos de Jesus over the past few years.

Team 4

In the morning this group went to El Pajarito and ran a VBS group. Then in the afternoon the group went with Mirqueya to give out food and meet with some of the women in the community. One team member was discouraged that she was not going to get to see the girl that she sponsored and she randomly showed up to the VBS that was not very close to the school. It was a beautiful picture of what it may look like when we get to heaven.

Team 5

In the morning the group went to Pastor Johnny’s church and put on a VBS program and many of the children were so happy to just visit with the team. Also after the skit a 7 year old boy came to know the Lord.

In the afternoon the team went to Pueblo Nuevo and played baseball and other games with the neighborhood kids. The group also put on their skit and VBS program.

Team 6

In the morning the group went to Spring in the Desert Day Care and did a mini version of their program. The team was also able to help serve the children breakfast.

In the afternoon the team went and did door to door visits in El Pajarito. One team member shared the gospel with a group of 4 boys and two of them accepted Christ. They also shared the gospel with a older gentleman that was a Christian but had stopped following the Lord and he recommitted his life to Christ. In total the team had the opportunity to see 5 people dedicate their lives to the Lord. Praise the Lord!


Some students got to take a side trip and go to a village and visit with a group of boys that wanted to continue a conversation that a volunteer of ours had started the day before. While out sharing the gospel a student got to see one of the children he has been sponsoring for the past 4 years. The group also got to share the gospel with many other people on the street.

Some other students went out to the hospital and got to pray with some patients. Then the group went to a tougher neighborhood to do some street evangelism. This group also got to share the gospel with the hotel staff. They put on a whole program and were able to see 4 people accept the Lord. This is a service we have been doing for 4 years now and we have been blessed to see people accept Christ each year.

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