July 22nd Recap

July 22 2015

Medical and Team 1

Today team 1 and the medical team went to Caballona to run a medical clinic and a children’s program. We were able to share the gospel with over 100 children. After program time we were able to play with children, paint their nails, do some face paint, and hang out and talk. One of our team members shared the gospel using the color beads and led 7 children to the Lord. Another student shared the gospel with a group of children and 4 of them accepted the Lord, as did a woman that was standing nearby listening! A few members of the group went out into the village to do some home visits and were able to visit with a 96 year old man that was sold out for the Lord – so encouraging! Due to getting there late the medical team thought they were only going to be able to visit with 50 patients – but they were able to visit with 90 patients!

Women’s Team

For the past two years the women’s team has put on a conference for local women. One of the ladies has come to the conference for the past two years and she has always been extremely shy. Last year this woman accepted Christ and when our Women’s team ran into her today she was joyful and had her head held high. Such a testimony of the Lord changes lives.

The other half of the team went with team 6 and after the lesson was presented they broke into small groups and some of the women’s team members was able to pray with a lady and lead her to the Lord.

Team 2

In the morning Team 2 went to Many’s Church. After the program a team member was sharing the gospel with a Dominican named Kenny and he accepted the Lord.

In the afternoon the team went to Mirqueya School to hand out food bags, they also were able to put on a program for the village. Many of the children were easily distracted but one young boy was so focused on the gospel message and then earnestly prayed to accept the Lord. Another team member was able to share the gospel with a woman as they were getting back on the bus and the woman accepted Christ.

Team 3

The team spent the morning at Emmanuels house to do some work around the school. Some of the team members were sandpapering the walls and started singing worship songs. As they were working they were also able to share the gospel with some of the men doing construction on the school.

In the afternoon the team went to a different village to share the gospel and perform their skit.

Team 4

Team 4 went to Santa Domingo to help with the Abundant Life program, they worked with Pastor Hanlix’s church.

Team 5

Today team 5 worked with Pator Lolo’s Hatian church. The morning started with Pastor Lolo sharing his testimony. Then the team helped with the Abundant Life program. The team demonstrated how we can lay our burdens at the feet of the Lord and cling to our blessings. A student shared her testimony and after she finished two of the women accepted Christ. The team was also able to perform their skit and 6 children accepted Christ through that.

Team 6

The team visited Pastor Lhonneur Letroy which is a Haitain Church. The team was able to share the gospel and play with the children. Some team members were able share the gospel through the tracts we had. In the afternoon the team was able to break up into groups and go door to door to share the gospel. During that time the team led 3 people to the Lord.

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