July 21st Recap

July 21st

Team 1 (Prince William)

Went to Aleman to visit Pastor Manny’s church and share the gospel with 80 kids gathered for a program. They also went to Spring in the Desert Daycare in the afternoon to work the 30+ children there. After the children’s program, they went in the community to share the gospel door to door. Total, the PW team shared the gospel with around 130 people today!

Team 2

Went to visit a new site where they met with Pastor Jean Cadet. It’s primarily a Haitian church with 300 members. They were the first American group to ever visit this site, which delighted the pastor and brought a lot of encouragement to him and his congregation. This was the second day they visited in a row and could tell of the impact Empowering Action’s Abundant Life program is having on the community.

Team 3

Went to Miguel Reinoso’s church to help Medical Team minister in the community. They had the privilege of seeing two people come to know Jesus today as they served!

Team 4

They went to Los Brujan which has a rural church that was planted two years ago. The Rock gave New Years Aid funds to help with this sight and the kids were able to see the transformation of the community. One student shared how she visited a woman she was able to lead to the Lord on a trip two years ago!

Team 5

Visited a new pastor named Lyvio Gabriel and helped him shared the Gospel door to door in his community to advance the church’s work there. This community will be starting an Abundant Life Program in August.

Team 6

Team six visited and encouraged an Empowering Action community pastor named Jose Almonte which is a 45 member church in a rural area. The went door to door and were able to pray for many families in the community.

Medical Team

They saw 142 patients today and went on 6 home visits. They also performed 7 surgeries today bringing the total to 14.

Women’s Team

God ordained a Bible study with women from Quisqueya that Empowering Action is working with. They also did 4 family visits in the community and prayed with them.

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3 thoughts on “July 21st Recap

  1. Eliza Giroux,
    Hi precious, I will be praying for your teams. God gives you abundant peace guideance direction and grace. I Love You 👼👼😍😍😁😁

  2. sharon l fink

    is there any way i could find out which team my grandson is on (Samuel Milligan)
    God Bless You All Mightily

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