July 20th, 2015 Recap

Team 1 (Prince William)

Team 1 spent the day at Mirqueya’s School called Immanuel House. The Rock has partnered with Mirqueya for the past 6 years through renovations, financial support, and spiritual support. Today our team was hard at work helping with renovations. We packed up some classrooms, spackled the walls, cut down trees, pulled weeds, moved branches, organized a shed, cleaned the fridge and freezer, cleaned the chairs and other outdoor equipment, and we even got to play with some of the student during their recess time. Ever student worked hard and didn’t complain once! During the afternoon one of our team members got to visit the child that he sponsored and during the home visit he found out that the mother had just had a baby and since the mother was malnourished she wasn’t able to produce milk for her baby. So our team collected some money and bought her family formula and food to feed her family for the next two weeks. We then were able to go back and give it to the family and pray with them.

Team 2

Team two worked with the medical team in a Haitian village. Two of the team members went over to two policemen who were standing off to the side and engaged them in a conversation. They explained the gospel to them and one of the guys said that he was Catholic and didn’t want to change. The other policemen said that he was a cop and had done too many bad things so he couldn’t be a Christian. One team member shared her testimony and explained that we are all sinners. After they continued to answer questions the policemen had the men decided to put their faith in Christ. In total the team has 11 people come to Christ.

Team 3

Team three went to Pastor Miguel’s church in Reinoso. Their day started by hearing the Pastor share his testimony and how he just wanted to continue studying God’s word. After visiting with the Pastor we split up into teams and visited two women that were in the Abundant Life Program. It was amazing to see how this program has changed them. They have implemented a hand washing area and have been able to learn to plant their own vegetables. She has successfully grown green beans, peppers and tomatoes. We then shared an amazing lesson from Matthew and Austin shared his testimony. We broke into small groups and discussed how to implement God’s gifts.   – EA Life Abundant

Team 4

In the morning team 4 visited LaLoma with Pastor Miguel

In the afternoon the team visited Pastor Francis church. Two of the team members were talking with a young girl and asked her if she knew where she was going when she died and when the girl answered hell the students were able to lead the girl to Christ. They gave her a Bible and saw her sharing it with her friends.

Team 5

In the morning team 5 went to Spring in the Desert Day Care. They put on their Bible program for all of the children and were able to play with them.

In the afternoon the team did door to door evangelisim in Boca Chica. They led 4 children to Christ, and gave them Bibles. The team also shared the gospel with a woman who thought she needed to clean her life up before accepting Christ. The team had lots of good conversations and planted seeds.

Team 6

The team performed their VBS skit for children (mainly under the age of 10) in Boca Chica in the morning and for Lorena’s Church in the afternoon. Two of the team members boldly shared their testimonies in front of all the children. And through their program, they had the chance to share the Gospel with all the children. Team 6 then spent most of their time outside on the streets with the children playing with parachutes and kick balls. Girls got the chance to get their nails painted and face painted. The team was blessed with the opportunity to love the children of Boca Chica and Lorena’s Church. (Prayer request: the team was informed as they were leaving Lorena’s Church that the single mother of a young boy at the VBS passed away while they were outside playing. They were robbed just days before and she suffered with asthma. Please pray for the young boy and the church)

Medical Team

The Medical Team went to a Haitian Village with Team 2 and set up a clinic. The village had set up a system and made sure that every patient had a number and came through in an orderly fashion. The team was able to see 137 people in under 4 hours. One challenge the team faced was when they had to use a double translator because most of the patients spoke Creole. The team was impressed with how patiently the people from the village waited.

Women’s Team

Today the women’s team visited Pastor Domingo’s church in Quisequeya to help some of the women who were starting a business to sell jewelry. The women were ambitious and wanted to expand their business and move it to the United States. Our women were able to help them market and improve their inventory. While the womens team was working with the ladies in the village they were able to relate to the women and share the gospel with some villagers. One of them even put their faith in Christ and we will be providing her a Bible later this week.

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