July 24th, 2014 Recap…

Here is a recap shared from tonight’s team meeting…

Team 1

Inocencia – The pastor in the village wanted us to visit a family with a 13 year old boy that has cerebral palsy. We sang with him, prayed for him and visited with the family. Our team noticed that his bed was a beaten up mat on the concrete floor. They were moved with compassion that during our lunch break the team pulled together their money and came up with $225 to buy Jefri a new mattress and some food for the family. We went out and bought the supplies and then were able to go back to the neighborhood and deliver the stuff we bought. We also brought back the medical team with us and they were able to give him a check-up. While we were back there the medical team also saw two other kids that were extremely dehydrated and one of them had a high fever from an infection. The remainder of the money collected went to pay for her to have antibiotics.


Quisqueya – Mirqueya (from Emmanuel House) brought us to visit a woman who was dying of cancer. She has 7 children who will live with Mirqueya if she passes away. We were able to pray with the woman and sing songs with her. She had a peace about going to heaven. Our team was moved by her hope and strength.

 Team 2

Juan Dolio Church- The women’s team ministered to several hundred women throughout the week and were blessed to see God work in them and bond them together.

 Team 3

Boca Chica – Did their puppet show and program. They played with the kids all morning. Chloe and Abby shared the gospel with a little boy named Jesus – he understood the message and was hesitant about accepting Christ – but he ended up giving his life to the Lord after further explanation.

La Colina – Chloe shared the gospel with a girl named Nicole and she understood the message and accepted Christ. And she was able to give her a Bible.

Julie the team leader said that the whole team was on fire today and every kid shared the gospel. They all took a tract and each shared the gospel.

Team 4

Quisqueya – The team went door to door and shared the gospel with a lot of people – including a woman that was 100 years old! Another man they shared with named Tony accepted Christ today. That was the first time that Jonah and Cindy had ever led someone to Christ.

La Cabana – A student was having a rough afternoon because he had broken his expensive sunglasses and as he looked around he realized how ridiculous it was to be upset over his glasses when the people he was visiting didn’t even have running water.

Team 5

Pasitos de Jesus – Dan shared that he had met some of the girls from the orphanage last year, and when he showed up again this year the girls remembered him and came running up to him. It was cool to realize that he had impacted the girls even a year later.

Monte Cristi – Caroline shared that their team was able to wash the feet of all the people in the nursing home. It was touching to remember that this is what Jesus did for his disciples. Sam was able to talk with Fransua – he was not able to get out of bed because he was so sick. Even through all the sickness and pain he was still filled with joy. The team shared the gospel and led 6 people to Christ.

 Team 6

Aleman Daycenter – Maddie shared the gospel with three of the girls that the team yesterday had shared with and they accepted Christ today. One of the other friends was still not ready to accept Christ because she didn’t want to change the type of music she listened to.

Los Conucos – The team went door to door and Daisy shared the gospel with five guys that were working on a car. She shared her testimony with them – they said they were already Christians – but were nervous because they didn’t go to church often. The team was able to encourage them in their faith.

Team 7

Los Brujanes – Gabby and Sarah went out to gather fruit from a tree and ended up sharing the gospel with a guy standing around the tree and were able to lead him to Christ.

Brandon talked with a few kids in the town in the morning, the team moved on to something else in the afternoon and he was praying that he would see the boy again before they left. As they were walking to the bus he saw the boy and was able to give him a hug. It was huge to see God answer prayers.


Quisqueya – Kevin shared that the medical team saw 450 patients this week. Today they went to a remote part of town and had a huge crowd. During a lull in the schedule Kevin was able to do a house visit for a 10 year old boy that had special needs. He was able diagnose him with autism – and to calm him down he just had to pat his back and say his name and he was calm and tranquil. At one point he wanted to be picked up and Kevin wasn’t sure he would be able to because he had a slipped disc – but the Lord gave him the strength he needed. He also brought him over to another group of boys and showed that he was a normal little boy and not always acting up.


Please pray that the Lord will bring all of our flight groups home safely tomorrow. We look forward to seeing how the Lord continues to work in the hearts of our students after the trip as well as our local partners here, Empowering Action and SCORE International.



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