July 23rd, 2014

Here’s a recap from today…

 Team 1

Caballona – Our team put on our program for the church in Caballona, then part of our team played with the kids in the courtyard, other members went door to door, and the rest of the team helped with the construction project – which was digging a hole to put up a concrete wall. During the afternoon David was walking around and starting up conversations with people sitting around the edges of the courtyard. He was very aware of anyone sitting alone and had multiple spiritual conversations where he was able to share the gospel. He led two young men to Christ and gave them Bibles. He also shared the gospel with a group of moms that were not ready to accept Christ. The cool thing was that the first time that David shared the gospel was at Dare to Share this past April – and now you can’t get him to stop sharing with people!

 Team 2

Highlands – they put on a women’ s conference for 120 women. They talked to the Moms about Jesus and played with the kids while the mothers were learning. They spent the afternoon praying for some women that were oppressed.

 Team 3

Batey Uno – They shared the gospel with a woman in the village, and she was open to learning more. They prayed with her to accept Christ, got her a Bible and then had to get on the bus to leave.

 Team 4

Went with the women’s team to a sports complex (Highlands)and they put on their program for the women. Then in the afternoon they went to La Syria, after the program they talked with a little girl and were able to lead her to Christ. 

Team 5

Adrie and the team went to Aleman in the morning. She saw three little heads over one of the nearby walls. She starts talking to the girls that are between 7 and 13, she invites them to the church program and they don’t want to come over. After the program the girls call her over and give her a gift. The gift was a rock painted with red face paint and they wrote her a note. She then shares the gospel with them and one of them accepted Christ, the other two were not ready yet.

 Team 6

ICC Brujanes – They put on their program before lunch and after lunch they shared the chemical cross illusion with the group and many of them prayed to accept Christ.

Team 7

Guayacones – Eugene was talking with a 20 year old man and was trying to find out why he wouldn’t accept Christ. The man was confused about why there was poverty in the world if Jesus was so wonderful. As a group they tried to answer his question about how much Christ loves him. At the end of the conversation he saw his need to accept Christ and they prayed with him. They had 12 people accept Christ throughout the day. They even had one man who spoke Creole from Haiti– and they had a translator that could speak his language also and he accepted Christ.

Medical Team

They saw that some kids were playing baseball with sticks and broken balls on Monday, today they went back to the same village and they were able to give the kids a real bat and ball. They shared the gospel with the whole group.

 Preston (one of the members of the medical team) got baptized today!

Tommy saw that a man was living in a poor condition and was in desperate need of a mattress. They went out and bought a mattress and had it delivered. The family was very grateful – to the point of tears. Then he realized that they didn’t have sheets. So they went to the store and bought sheets, pillows, towels, and food. When they went back to deliver the materials – they shared the gospel with the sisters in the house and 6 out of the 8 people in the family accepted Christ.

Tonight, we heard testimonies from Emmanuel House and Pastor Domingo from Quisqueya and concluded the night by praying for us to finish well tomorrow for our last day of ministry. 

-The RSM Staff


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2 thoughts on “July 23rd, 2014

  1. Annette

    Wow, what a fruitful day you all had! It’s awesome to read! Praise the LORD! 🙂

  2. Beautiful Kingdom work. Blessings on you all. Have been praying for all the teams. God is good….all the time. 😃

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