July 22nd 2014 Recap…


Here is a recap from what was shared tonight during our team time…. sorry for no pictures but the internet is extremely unpredictable here. 

 Team 1 – Prince William and Bethesda

Pasitos De Jesus/Bobino – We visited the orphanage and played with the kids there. Then we went door to door in the town of Bobino to share the gospel. A group had a chance to talk to a few women and a couple of teenage boys. Sarah shared her testimony. They asked if anyone wanted to be free of sin – a little ten year old girl came forward. Then a 16 year old boy came up shyly and looked at his brother and encouraged him to come up. They all three accepted the Lord. We were able to give them each a Spanish Bible.

Team 2- Women’s Ministry Team

Lily House (a ministry to girls involved in sex trafficking)– The women on this team experienced heartbreak over the stories shared and the glory of how the Lord is working in this place. This morning a women that had been a part of Lily’s house left for a few months and went back to prostitution. This morning she came back to Lily’s house and was accepted back in by the other women in the program.

 Team 3

Con Cristo Se Puede (“With Christ You are Able”)- Sandy shared that two of the kids in this location really impacted her. One of the students spoke English and reminded her of her cousin and just reminded her of the global church. Another student clung to her the whole time and Sandy was able to give her the attention and love that she was missing in her life.

 Team 4

Aleman – The team was able to serve the kids breakfast, and played with them. Then in the afternoon they visited El Molino and went door to door to assemble a group. Gave their presentation and then handed out large water coolers to 35 homes.

 Team 5

Caballona – They played game with the kids all morning and then in the afternoon they went door to door. Even though they were exhausted they went out into the community and were able to lead two women to Christ!

 Team 6

Monte Christi- Julia sat with a blind women all afternoon and was able to put lotion on her and just hold her hand and show her love. This woman was also looking out for all of the other women in the town.

 Team 7

Emanuel House – They walked around the surrounding neighborhood of the school. They were able to lead two teens in the community to Christ. A team member named Xavier had been feeling complacent in his life and was encouraged in his faith by these girls accepting Christ.

Medical Team-

They came down with the intention of teaching the staff of the hospital how to use different operation equipment. They came down to find that the equipment was missing a lot of pieces – so they were not going to be able to use the machines. They found a room in the hospital filled with random equipment and over the course of the day they were able to find all of the pieces they needed. They put together a complete laparoscopic machine. They were able to do two gallbladder surgeries this afternoon.

 Please continue to pray for the health and protection of the students. We want to thank the Lord that we have not experienced any major health problems with our students or adults here. 

-The RSM Staff



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