July 21st 2014

Monday July 21, 2014


Team 1 – Dona Ana

We went door to door and shared the gospel with people in the village. We were able to lead two people to Christ, one of them named Blanca and the other was Manuel.


Then we went to Los Brujanes. We were able to see the church that was built from the money we raised during New Years Aid. We were able to put on our program for the village kids, and we prayed for the pastor and the ministry that was going to be started in the new building.


Leprosy Center – This has been a life changing place for us to visit. We went last year and this year we saw a lot of familiar faces. Seeing familiar faces. One of the women Delores shared her story, half family died and other half doesn’t visit her. She didn’t seem sad because she said that we were like her family visiting her.


Team 2 – Pasitos De Jesus.

Courtney came up with the idea to get mirrors and talk to the women about their identity being found in Christ. A different group had come in the day before and did a similar activity with mirrors. It was cool to see how God brought the same message from two different groups to share with the women.


We went to the womens houses and brought them some of the supplies we had purchased. As we went door to door we noticed that there were not men in the houses except for one teenage boy named Nelson – he has epilepsy. He was blessed by our village and was weeping as we were encouraging him.


Team 3 – Emmanuel House

Lauren shared her testimony during the program. The children were listening attentively the whole time and they drew a crowd from the streets and people walking by.


Team 4 – Con Cristo Se Puede

Emanuel had a younger sister that was crying a lot, when he wasn’t helping his sister he was around the teenage boys. The boy did not have a father in the home or a mother that was around a lot. We were able to show him love and guidance that he was not receiving at home.


Team 5 – Angelina

We went to a church and did our performance. It was cool afterwards because we got to pray over the head pastor – Domingo and his family. They were thankful for us being there and helping them. They were praying for a fence for their church for protection from animals and theft.


Team 6 – Ramon Santana

Our team member Drew was put on the spot during program and asked to share the gospel and he did a great job explaining and elaborating on it to the whole gathered crowd.


Team 7 – Aleman

El Molino

From Sarah- We played with the kids even in the rain. “Mylovie” was a sweet girl that was clinging to one of our team members. Her feet were covered in mud and we were swinging her around and we ended up getting covered in mud. I was being selfish and thinking eew (in a selfish moment) and the girl took the time to wipe the dirt off of me with her outfit. It broke my heart to see how generous she was and was ministered to by her.



Part of our team did some house visits – and we were able to share the gospel with a family. The woman in the house was asking questions about how she could be saved. She accepted Christ and commented about how it was not a coincidence that she was outside at the moment they walked by.


We closed the night by hearing testimonies from families impacted by Emmanuel House and Empowering Action. It was great to see the long term effects of our short term trips in the past that have impacted people a great deal.

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