After a wonderful day of ministry on Sunday, our teams were energized to start the week. Each team has between 18-25 people. Accompanied by 3-4 Spanish speaking interpreters, teams 1-10 and our special teams (women’s team, special needs team, construction team etc) are each sent out different buses to different ministry sites in and around Santo Domingo, Quisqueya, and San Pedro. Below are a few highlights from ministry that happened on Monday:

– Team 1/2 – Led a woman named Mary to the Lord
– Special Needs – Vacation Bible School for special needs children at Emanuel House
– Medical Team – Held clinic at Emanuel House and treated more than 90+ people
– Team 3 – Visited a leper colony and were able to pray and minister to patients, brining encouragement and joy
– Team 4 – Shared the gospel with an elderly woman who accepted Christ.
– Team 05 – Went to Pasitos De Jesus (girl’s home) and showed love to the 20+ abandoned, abused and orphan girls who live there. Village ministry in the afternoon.
– Team 6 – Emanuel House program for families of students that attend there. Songs, games, sharing the gospel and more.
– Team 7– House visits in local town. Put on program for kids living there. A ROCK student was able to present the Gospel to villager who accepted Christ. Visited Compassion International ministry at a church in San Pedro in the afternoon.
– Team 8 – Gospel shared with 11-year-old child. Bathed children.
– Team 9 – Visited drug rehab place in Santo Domingo. Gospel presented to 16 year old mother who accepted Christ. Testimonies and the Gospel were shared with a small group of individuals in a program.
– Team 10 – House visits. Mother of special needs child led to the Lord. Nursing home in the afternoon.
– Ladies Team – Shared life experiences with women at Lily’s House.
– Construction Team – Two projects currently being worked on.

After returning each evening, our team gathers together for a great hour+ of worship, sharing, testimonies and more. This is a great time for us to encourage each other, draw close to the Lord, and celebrate the ways God is teaching us and allowing us to reach others!

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One thought on “MONDAY, JULY 29

  1. Lisa Bajusz

    Wow!! What a wonderful report! PTL!

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