During team time, we had the team from Tecer Cielo come and lead a few songs of our worship time with their youth band and choir. Additionally, we had all of the staff from Emmanuel House come up on stage after their makeovers. We had a chance to recognize and thank them individually as they were introduced.

Here are some highlights as we recapped the last day of ministry for the trip:

  • The Prince William team visited a new village that Score is trying to establish a consistent ministry with. They collected important information about the town including the needs of the local church as well as put on a children’s program for the church. They walked through the town and invited the kids and 82 of them showed up to the outreach service. After the gospel presentation, they asked the kids who trusted Christ for the first time to raise their hands. Much to their surprise, over 60 of them indicated they gave their life to Christ! Please be in prayer for Leonardo who is the pastor of the church of 20 people where we held the service as he follows up with the new decisions.
  • Today, we saw a 17 year old boy who was hardened to the gospel give his life to Christ.
  • A student mentioned how he saw the Lord work as he brought about 10 people to Christ at an outreach near Emmanuel House.
  • I senior high girl met a woman today who’s son was beat up badly. She was encouraged when the woman told her that God has never abandoned their family even in the midst of tragic circumstances.
  • In a town today, a student talked to man in a wheelchair who had a paralyzed leg. All he needed was a special brace to be able to walk. The group is now trying to get him a brace. The point was made that they would’ve never known about this specific need without coming here personally.
  • We had an outreach event for around 100 Dominican soldiers where we gave them packaged food for their families and shared the gospel with them. This was a new opportunity that we’re praying would continue on a regular basis with Score.
  • A student reconnected with a girl she met five years ago on our first trip that she had prayed for. The girl is now living her life for Christ and is completely changed.

Dale gave us one verse to remember the week by. The verse was 1 Chronicles 16:11-12- “Look to the Lord and his strength, seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done.” He mentioned a question a volunteer asked him this week, “Do you want the kids on the trip to go home happy or sad?” After thinking about that, he recalled how Jesus was often called a man of sorrows. When he saw a need, he felt a need. The night before he was crucified during the last supper, he said he wanted his disciples to have complete joy. This seems to be contradictory but there needs to be both sorrow and joy as a result of what we’ve seen this week. Sorrow for the suffering seen, joy for the wonders he’s done.

Please pray for safe travels tomorrow as we head home. The DR Recap Services will be held on Sunday, August 5th at all of the campuses.

For tomorrow’s flight details, please click here: http://www.mbctysons.org/pages/page.asp?page_id=183817

-The RSM Staff

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