During team time tonight, we had a ministry we’ve recently partnered with called “Pasitos de Jesus” (Feet of Jesus) share about how they got started. They take in the rejected kids who have been abused and neglected. Before today, Dalma (one of the founders) explained how they only had 7 beds for 24 orphaned girls. This week, several of our teams have helped with giving their facility a remodel by painting, building shelves, and installing new cabinets. Today, we surprised them with new beds, clothes, and food and the orphans were ecstatic with joy as they thanked the Lord!

Additionally, we heard from Andy Manfredi, a former Rock student and volunteer who moved to the DR as a missionary for SCORE five months ago. He explained how much of a blessing it has been to have his home church on the ground to help with serving Quisqueya.

Mirqueya Guzman, the founder and director of Emmanuel House, shared her testimony to the students. She explained how much she hated her life as a teenager. She fought with her parents constantly and wanted to leave her house many times. After a series of hard circumstances, she heard the gospel on a local radio station and gave her life to Christ at the age of seventeen. She said from that moment, the Lord changed her heart, her life, her rebelliousness, and her hatred toward her parents. She began a process of asking forgiveness for the wrong she had done and experienced tremendous joy. At 19, she was diagnosed with a rare blood disease. She was told she would most definitely die and the doctors stopped treating her. After an earnest prayer for the Lord to spare her life, she was completely healed from her disease and the Lord allowed her to live. Because of this, she felt burdened to give her life to the service of others in the name of Jesus Christ. She became a teacher, which eventually opened up the door to seeing the direct needs of the children in Quisqueya. There are now 105 students who are involved in Emmanuel House. There is a greater need in the community for more children to be cared for to the point they have to turn them away.

Here are some more highlights that were shared during team time:

  • A junior high girl explained how the kids in the villages this week showed her how to be grateful for what she has.
  • Another girl shared how blessed she was to see how reverent the kids were when she offered to pray for a group at Emmanuel House.
  • A senior high girl shared how moved she was by a little girl that was caring for her younger brother as if she was his mom. This is very common within the villages for the older siblings to care for their younger brothers and sisters because the parents are absent.
  • In a village, one of our students shared the gospel to a seventeen year-old that was caring for her special needs 8 year old sister. The older sister gave her life to Christ and the younger sister smiled and started clapping in joy.
  • At Sonya’s Orphanage, one of our drama team members talked with a girl after the drama. The little girl was so excited to take her around to show her where she lived and seemed to be so happy to have a visitor to show.
  • A few team members who weren’t feeling well stayed back from their group in the hotel for the day . Discouraged, they brainstormed ways the Lord could still use them even though they didn’t go out with their teams. They came up with the idea to share the gospel with the wait staff at the hotel. They approached a waiter and asked if they could share Jesus with him. He said he couldn’t talk right then but in ten minutes, he and several more of the wait staff would have a break. So for 10 minutes, they prayed and went over scripture they planned on sharing with them. 8 staff people showed up to the impromptu church service. Some of them were already Christians and appreciated the encouragement from God’s Word and their hearts to pray for specific needs for them. A few even mentioned that they lived in some of the villages we have been ministering to and they are so blessed to have our team in the country this week.
  • While on the way back to the hotel, one bus stopped to pick up a friend of the bus driver who works at our same compound. When he got on the bus, the group asked him if he was a Christian and he replied that he wasn’t. For the rest of the way back, the group explained in detail the gospel using an interpreter.  Even though he’s not ready to place his faith in Christ at this point, he wanted the group to pray that the Lord would open his eyes to receive him soon. Please pray for Pedro’s heart to be softened to the gospel.
  • While at a village doing a children’s program, the Prince William team had around 10 men show up and sit through the service. This is extremely rare because mostly only women and children are typically involved in church. At the end of the gospel presentation, nearly all of the men raised their hands indicating they wanted to give their life to Christ! To take advantage of this unique opportunity, they split up the men, women, and children to talk individually to each group and pray for specific needs
  • One team visited the inner city of Santo Domingo to do a children’s program. The children seemed extra rowdy and the group was praying for them to calm down for the gospel presentation. The lord showed up as 18 children indicated they gave their life to Christ for the first time!
  • One of the Loudoun teams arrived in a village and met a fellow believer who was a teacher at the town school. When he found out what the team was doing, he agreed to open up the entire schoolyard and a place for them to hold the outreach meeting. They went through the town and invited all the kids to the outreach program. Three girls gave their life to Christ during their service!
  • The women’s team hosted the moms of some of the kids from Emmanuel House at our hotel for them to go swimming and have lunch. We brought clothes from the MBC clothing ministry for them to wear. Most of the ladies had never been in a pool and even though it was raining, they had a great time playing in the pool.
  • The Bethesda team explained how they have been able to share the gospel with many unexpected crowds throughout the week. As they’ve shown up to places, kids gathered for them even though they didn’t know who had gathered them.
  • Please be praying for the little boy mentioned in yesterday’s update with the cleft palate. He took a turn for the worst and is now in the hospital tonight. The doctors aren’t optimistic that he will make it much longer. His name is Melvin.

Dale shared a devotional from Mark 9:36 where Jesus emphasizes the importance of having child-like faith. Jesus calls us to depend on Christ as a child depends on his parents. In Mark 10, Jesus sees the disciples keeping the children back from coming to him and reprimands them for doing so. It’s fascinating to see Jesus, in the short three years of his ministry, takes the children one by one and blesses them showing the importance of caring for and loving children.

-The RSM Staff



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2 thoughts on “8.01.12

  1. Christine

    We are praying for our teams and the people of the DR daily! It’s so encouraging to read the daily blog!

  2. Cathy Fackler

    Thanks so much for the blog. Our whole family has been reading, and praying!

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