Aby Prado, a church planter for SCORE shared about his ministry to the local villages. Today is his fourth year anniversary of working with Score. He was asked to plant one church in three years as a model for future churches to be planted when he first came on board. To date, there are 11 fully functioning churches with local pastors running them! They are in the process of starting seven other ones currently as well.

Please pray for the following men that Aby has been training who are in the frontlines of these church plants:

  • Nathan Jude
  • Manny Tuzen
  • Craig McLure
  • Antonio
  • Elouis
  • Joaquin
  • Maximo
  • Maximo (yes, there are two)
  • Pablo
  • Osiris
  • Ceasar

He encouraged us all to be faithful to God and He will use you in mighty ways.

Additionally, we had some of the staff share from Trecer Cielo, Damaso Marte’s ministry. Jonathan, the leader of the ministry grew up as a Compassion Child and is in a special program called the Leadership Development Program. He explained that his sponsor is a 73-year-old woman who lives in Michigan and still keeps in contact with him. Damaso shared how he started the ministry. He also shared a story of a girl in their ministry whose mother was very hard-hearted toward the gospel. One of our teams, while doing door-to-door evangelism in their neighborhood today shared the gospel with her he announced that she gave her life to Christ!

Here are some other highlights that were shared during our team time:

  • The Prince William, D, and Step teams held a children’s festival in Quisqueya where over 100 kids attended. The kids loved Strong Man Stan and the step team as part of the program. During the gospel invitation, several children raised their hands indicating they had made a decision to follow Christ.
  • The medical team learned so much about giving as they were faced with a chance to minister in a special way today. They organized a birthday party for a girl they treated because she didn’t have money to buy a cake to celebrate her birthday.
  • A team who was collecting child sponsorship information for kids involved in Trecer Cielo was heart-broken because of the conditions the kids were in. One girl they talked to invited them into her home as they walked through the neighborhood. They shared the gospel with her ash she showed them her house. The girl started to cry as she explained that she wants to give her life to the Lord but feels like too many things have held her back. A volunteer explained God’s love for her and she gave her life to Christ right there on her doorstep before they left.
  • A volunteer who has had a toothache since he arrived in the country explained how he was praying to find a dentist to talk to about it. As he got on the bus to go to his groups’ location, he met one of our translators assigned to the group who is actually a dentist and was able to help him. When they arrived at their ministry location, the dentist and others walked to a part of the town they hadn’t planned to go to. A frantic Dominican approached the group and asked if she was the dentist they had just requested from Score a short time before they arrived. The group had no idea about the need and was blessed knowing the Lord coordinated the meeting as he directed them to the part of the town they didn’t plan to go originally.
  • Our worship leader DJ and some of the Rock Student Ministry staff stayed back and had a service for the hotel staff while the teams were out. They had 53 staff come out to hear the gospel and sing worship songs. At the end of the service, there were 11 of them who gave their lives to the Lord! One staff person said his heart was beating fast and he felt like the message was directed toward him.  When later asked if he was a Christian, he said, “I am now!”
  • Dale shared about a 13 month old at the Emmanuel house that has a cleft palate and weighs only 10lbs. He can’t eat and what he does eat, he throws up. He needs a surgery to fix his cleft palate pretty much to live. Please be praying for Melvin and for the Lord to provide the finances for his surgery.
  • Several teams are visiting new locations this week to gather information on how Score can meet needs of their community. Today, the Prince William team went to a town where there is over 50% unemployment. The people who do work, work in the sugar cane fields and make the equivalent to $6 a day. When asked if these wages were fair for the town workers, they explained that they were getting paid very generously compared to other nearby towns. Please pray for the continued relationships

Dale closed out the night by encouraging us with a short devotional about Romans 12:2. He challenged us to not go with the norm of living selfishly by not conforming to this world.

-The RSM Staff

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3 thoughts on “7.31.12

  1. Annette Bell

    Praise God!!! His Spirit is clearing moving strongly within you.

  2. This is so awesome to hear. We’re covering you all in prayer back home!

  3. Lisa

    These stories are truly amazing! Thank You Lord. Praying for you all!

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