Today, we had 12 different teams who went all over the island serving in various different ministries.

Here are some highlights from our Team Time tonight:

We heard from Erica (a Score Missionary) from Lily House, a local ministry of Score that provides housing and job training to local women who are involved in prostitution. She explained how teams of women volunteers go out on the streets to evangelize these women every Thursday.

  • “Even the littlest things you do to help make an incredible difference in someone’s life.” A member of a team who spent a large portion of their day painting at a local ministry called “Pasitos de Jesus.”
  • A team who ran a medical clinic in Santo Domingo: “The Lord taught me about team work within the body of Christ.” Josh Briggs, a special needs student from our group, was a huge help to the team as they served 92 people throughout the day. The medical issues ranged from extremely high blood pressure to HIV patients who needed medication.
  • The Special Needs Team helped collected information for the local government to assess. They met a boy who had lost his arm in a robbery attack. One of our volunteers, was able to lead a special needs boy to the Lord. The boy felts the need to get down on his knees to pray and receive Christ.
  • The Junior High Team was able to lead 42 children to the Lord in a large group setting at an orphanage they visited today!
  • A team went to Immanuel House to aide parents in providing their children with their very first bath. They handed out clean, new clothes to the children afterward.
  • A Loudoun group who spent the day in a town called Catalina had over 200 kids in a program the local church hosted where they gave the gospel and provided worship music. A student on that team told of the beauty of sharing fellowship with Dominican believers as they worshiped together.
  • Group who went door to door in Santo Domingo- Went house-to-house talking to people about the Gospel. One group ended up talking to a police officer that our group came across and sharing the Gospel with him. The bus had to leave to go before they could finish the conversation but we will be working with this particular neighborhood throughout the week and we’re confident we can continue the conversation. Please pray for this police officer to come to know Christ.
  • The construction team has been able to get so much done already they are taking on new assignments and projects!

Dale gave an encouraging devotional to not separate what we do at home with what we do here.  Mark 8:34 says we need to walk with Christ in a self-sacrificing way, moment by moment.

-The RSM Staff

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