7.29.12 Update

A quick update…

As all of the team made it safely here by late last night, we were grateful to get some much needed rest to start our week here. The RSM staff put on a Sunday morning worship service this morning followed by some team time to hone in our evangelism skills and practice our ministry programs.

For the evening, almost the entire Dr team (except the women’s ministry team who went to the Immanuel House to put on a miniature conference for the local women), traveled to Santo Domingo to MLB player, Damaso Marte’s church for an outreach service. As some of you know, Damaso brought a group from this church to McLean Bible Church just last week to perform at various ministries in the D.C. area. Our group led worship, performed some step dancing, had our very own strong man Stan Tomajko perform, and Dale Sutherland gave a gospel presentation. This was a great way for our students and leaders to interact with many people from the community as they sat and interacted with them before and after the service. Here are a few highlights that were shared during our team time tonight:

  • A Tyson’s Campus Senior High Girl- “I was praying for a little boy next to me who was talking during the service and when he saw me praying for him, he bowed his head with me in prayer.”
  • While sitting with some Dominican kids on the balcony, two girls worked together to break the language barrier to encourage them to participate in worship
  • One of the families who hosted a few of the girls from Trecer Cielo while they were in D.C. last week was able to reconnect with them tonight. As the daughter, who is a senior this year, shared how much of a blessing it was, she said “It was extremely humbling to see them in their circumstances and allow them to host us since they had just stayed with us in northern VA last week.”

We apologize for the lack of pictures (the internet has been incredibly slow tonight) but hope to post some soon!

-RSM Staff

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